Video: Pilot line #5

June 15, 2022

Introducing Pilot line #5 located at TMBK PARTNERS SP. z o.o in Warsaw, Poland.

Functional veils (non-woven fabric) produced in a one stage process.

Fully automatic and continuous melt blown extrusion line. Design of this line is the result of TMBK’s experience in the process of melt spinning a wide range of polymers and thermoplastic nanocomposites. In a one-stage process TMBK can produce a non-woven structure in the form of veils from the raw materials (neat or nano-doped) that are difficult to process by melt blowing. Depending on the raw material, we can produce nonwovens in the range of 10-100 gsm with a linear speed of 30-300 m/h.

The pilot line is characterised by modular design and flexibility.

The line has been designed to minimize degradation of the raw materials as well as to increase output consistency and stability. A configurable die head allows for adapting to specific material requirements. The spin pack is easy to replace, therefore the length, diameter and shape of the nozzles can be varied.

An automated process minimizes the amount of plastic waste as well as the human contact with the veils during the production procedure.

The quality of produced veils is controlled.

More information about what this PL offers can be found in the OASIS Marketplace.