Video: Pilot line #2

May 24, 2022

Introducing Pilot Line #2 CHEMINNOV located at French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Grenoble, France.

The pilot line is composed of 3 main items: a large unit of connected reactors for semi-continuous process, an in-situ monitoring probe by UV/vis spectroscopy and an automated semi-industrial freeze-dryer with process control interface. Overall, the pilot line gathers tools for synthetic chemistry in solution, including synthesis, separation and purification processes. Mainly dedicated to the synthesis of nanomaterials and associated advanced materials, the pilot line is operating in a secured environment to ensure best practices for the fabrication and handling of nanoparticles, mainly in solution. Exploiting this pilot line, the synthesis of a large panel of nanomaterials can be considered such as oxides (ZnO, SiO2, TiO2, Al2O3…), carbides (TiC, SiC, B4C…), and metals (Ag, Cu, Au nanowires). Coatings by oxidation reaction, grafting procedures and electroless deposition protocols may also be carried out to produce core-shell nanoparticles with high benefit to be incorporated in diverse matrices.

More information about what this PL offers can be found in the OASIS Marketplace.