Nano-enabled pultrusion for lightweight constructions
Structural Nanoreinforced aluminum castings
Multifunctional RTM composite panels
VDL Fibertech Industries
Smart battery casing in nanocomposites
Multifunctional nanobased layers
AIRBUS Operations
Energy storage in prefabricated walls
Pleione Energy

These six Showcases will serve as the innovation lever for OASIS project.

Their stories will be the reference for you and validation of:

  • Consistency of manufacturing: 90% of reproducibility and reliability
  • Materials functionalities of the final products answering the industrial needs (enhanced mechanical and electrical performances, tracing, sensing, fire resistance, etc.)
  • Sustainable pilot line production criteria based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • Response time to analyse the customers’ requests and then to produce the prototype
  • Evaluation of the production price of outcoming materials and products in agreement with the market needs
  • Ability to provide a complete offer to the customers’ requests throughout the value chain and including non-technical services