Technical services:

  • Design, modelling and simulation
    • Design supported by theoretical predictive materials models, the multi-physics modelling of the materials and components’ smart functionalities and associated simulation services. Modelling of relationships between materials structure and properties at nano- and micro-scales.
  • Process-product engineering
    • Engineering services that facilitate reaching production to an industrial scale and improving competitive advantage in facilities, such as capacity increase, productivity, online quality, traceability, and the methodology and tools used for the conceptual design for upgrading or develop materials facilities, processing techniques and products
  • Testing and characterisation
  • Environmental, nano-safety, and regulatory assessment
    • Including recycling, LCA and standardisation aspects.

Non-technical services:

  • Business support and coaching to SMEs
    • Validating the Unique Value Proposition and relevant business model, analyzing competition and customer feedback.
  • Access to finance
    • Identifying the most relevant funding for each “democase” (include public and private funding) and networking and clustering activities.
  • Dissemination and marketing