OASIS M33 Steering Committee meeting

October 8, 2021

On October 7th the OASIS consortium has held a Steering Committee meeting composed of all project partners to assess the progress of the project, its main achievemnts to date, as well as plans for the remainder of the project (ending in August 2022).

The most significant milestones passed are:

  • All of OASIS’ 12 Pilot Lines have been fully upgraded and upscaled in order to cater to customer demands.
  • All 6 Showcases have been finished with great results and to the satisfaction of the Showcase leaders (Acciona, Ford, VDL, Thales, Airbus, Pleione Energy).
  • The Open Call has been closed after selecting 11 Democases (within two cut-off dates) for developing the product ideas of companies of all sizes and from various industrial fields across Europe.

One of the main goals for the upcoming period is the establishment of a legal entity for the Single-Entry-Point which will continue to provide the services developed within OASIS after the project’s completion.