NeWaP Democase introduction

April 7, 2022

Read the short story of the NeWaP Democase led by Artois Composites company that was selected in the 2nd cut-off of the OASIS Open Call:

Artois Composites is currently working on a marine renewable energy project, a hydrokinetic machine. The principle relies on a membrane that waves in a water current. The membrane is made of composite parts and is equipped with electrical generators. Artois Composites is focused on the development of innovative composite parts with the aim of increasing their durability by approximately 20%. In the framework of the OASIS project, we will improve the durability of the composite parts with carbon nanotubes. After a calculation phase, we will mold some samples to measure the moldability and perform tests to measure the effect on the durability of the composite parts. If the carbon nanotubes improve the resistance to fatigue of the resin, we will be able to integrate this technology in the hydrokinetic system.

The NeWaP Democase is using the combined services of Tecnalia, TMBK, Adamant, IPC and Tecnalia Ventures.