NECCA Democase introduction

April 28, 2022

Read the short story of the NECCA Democase led by Sika company that was selected in the 2nd cut-off of the OASIS Open Call:

The development of the Democase consists in the production of a nano-enabled environmentally friendly technology, based on the incorporation of synthesized nanoparticles into two-part epoxy systems, which will lead to best-in market coatings and adhesives products to offer a solution with improved durability, better workability, and properties at a competitive price. This developed technology will be applied to concrete slabs that will get subjected to an ageing treatment that consists in UV-vis, condensation, and high temperature conditions. The business need expects to maximize the market impact and ensure long-term success and profitable growth. The technological challenge lies in the improvement of the two-part epoxy systems properties (i.e. abrasion resistance, adherence capacity in different surfaces and compression strength). Additionally, a nano-safety assessment will be carried out to gain information about the release of the nanoparticles from the epoxy systems before and after the ageing treatment for their long-term performance.

The NECCA Democase is using the combined services of UCLM, University of Patras, IPC, CEA and AMIRES.