HyPr Democase introduction

April 12, 2022

Read the short story of the HyPr Democase led by Otto Fuchs company that was selected in the 2nd cut-off of the OASIS Open Call:

OTTO FUCHS KG (OF) is a global player in the aerospace, automotive and construction industries. Their core competencies include the development of lightweight materials and the efficient production of high-performance parts for customers who require safety, reliability and durability. OF is a leading supplier of aluminium profiles for products such as battery cases and crash elements for electric vehicles and window frames. For these applications a reduction in both weight and required design space is possible through hybridisation using carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP), allowing increased vehicle range or larger and more aesthetic windows. In the HyPr Democase an aluminium box-profile supplied by OF (representative of both automotive and window profiles) is being reinforced with a thermoplastic pultruded profile (PL12) and joined using an adhesive that can be separated using inductive heating (PL3). This concept allows such hybrid profiles to be separated and recycled at the product-end-of-life. The demonstrator will quantitatively show the improvement in mechanical properties of the hybrid part and materials properties will be characterised, allowing OF to design and simulate optimised profile geometries. The effect of magnetic particles on the adhesive properties and any effect of localised induction heating on the metal microstructure will be investigated whilst a key technological challenge will be pultruding thermoplastic CFRP that meets the requirements for structural profiles. The business need for the innovation is for next generation improvements to existing products and so a cost analysis and an industrialisation concept are required. Short term, the technologies could be used for prototyping projects and for optimising current products; long term, hybrid profiles could open new market opportunities.

The HyPr Democase is using the combined services of Fraunhofer (ISC+IGCV), Tecnalia, IPC, Adamant Composites and Blumorpho.