HOTAIRBAG Democase introduction

April 21, 2022

Read the short story of the HOTAIRBAG Democase led by IGESTEK company that was selected in the 2nd cut-off of the OASIS Open Call:

IGESTEK (Derio, Spain) is a leading company in the development of technology projects: specialized in lightweight solutions using plastics and composite materials. It integrates different hybrid processing techniques with the focus on the manufacture of composite materials components. The company has identified an opportunity for the development of a heating system based on Buckypapers for automotive exterior bodywork panels manufactured using recyclable thermoplastic composite material  via a press moulding method. An airbag system for external impact protection will be located underneath these panels. The buckypaper based heater will operate to maintain the panel at a predetermined temperature. Based on the panel design, this temperature will be optimal for the controlled rupture of the panel during airbag release, regardless of the atmospheric conditions.

The HOTAIRBAG Democase is using the combined services of Tecnalia, IPC, University of Patras, UCLM, TMBK and AMIRES.