FORD Showcase#2 results

January 19, 2022

Ford participates in OASIS as an End-user of the automotive industry, providing its expertise and capabilities to develop structural Aluminum castings. The partnership between Ford and OASIS service providers consists in the entire process chain – from raw material, through production until final customer. Generative engineering- based  Seat Cross Member has been created using bionic-inspired design methodology. The materials considered in the manufacturing cases included advanced silicon free aluminum and nanoreinforced aluminium alloys.

The demonstrator part is feasible in terms of castability and enables the support of NanoMaterial concepts. The OASIS team is capable of providing full scale product solutions integrating the following services:

  • Bio-inspired designs
  • Nano-reinforced materials
  • Large scale manufacturing processes

These concepts can be extended to different applications e.g. battery trays in the automotive industry, as well as other sectors including aerospace, energy or construction.

You can read more about the results of this Showcase here – Showcase#2 App note.