CWA on OASIS SNF has been published

November 3, 2022

CEN-CENELEC has published a brand new CEN Workshop Agreement on the OASIS Sustainable Nanomanufacturing Framework.


This document describes and specifies the requirements of a simplified Sustainability Nanomanufacturing Framework (SNF) for sustainability management in Nanomanufacturing Pilot Lines (NPLs), appropriate to their size, management capabilities and sustainability priorities.

The SNF sets up the basic requirements for a screening methodology to quicky assess the sustainability of a NPL. It provides guidance for diagnosis, implementation, and monitoring, to proactively improve nano-sustainability performances in NPLs, considering its sustainability management and results.

The model can be used by NPLs to achieve its intended outcomes in the field of nano-sustainability.

The SNF is intended to be applied to any NPL regardless of its size, type and activities. Similarly, the model could be scaled to manage the sustainability of a manufacturing area/plant that integrates multiple NPLs.

This document can be used in whole or in part to systematically improve the sustainability in NPLs.


You can download the document here – LINK.