BioFLY Democase introduction

August 13, 2021

Read the short story of the BioFLY Democase led by Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU that was selected through the OASIS Open Call:

The proposed Democase consists of a column, the basic element of future jigless assembly tools. This component should allow aeronautical assembly companies to evolve from classic jigs to fixtures and to the concept of metrology assisted assembly. This type of element should allow greater flexibility, more segmentation for greater automation of assembly, while reducing the number of tools, the amount of shimming and therefore costs. The demonstration case product is based on an innovative topological and bionic optimization design and on the use of aluminum alloy reinforced with nanoparticles in order to minimize the mass of the structure. The first calculations showed that this mass could be divided by 4 using such a strategy. This solution can be compared and evaluated with respect to a column with a lattice structure and for which the UPV / EHU already has a prototype. The stresses and deformation, as well as the vibration modes, can be determined by FEM simulation and validated experimentally. Laboratory tests under conditions of use will make it possible to evaluate the behavior of the column during drilling and riveting operations in aeronautical materials. The product, after laboratory validation, could allow the creation of a start-up or generate a return on investment through the licenses granted to interested companies. For this, the Bilbao School of Engineering and the UPV/EHU have the ZITEK business incubator, a support program for members of the university community (students, graduates, teachers, researchers and administration staff) of the UPV / EHU Bizkaia Campus who want to create a business or company. The objective of this program is the creation of technology-based or innovative companies that arise from the university environment and that have some type of connection with the UPV/EHU.


The BioFLY case is using the combined services of Tecnalia, AWI, CEA and Tecnalia Ventures.