ACCIONA Showcase#1 results

January 12, 2022

ACCIONA participates in OASIS as an End-user of the Civil engineering sector providing its expertise and capabilities to develop novel multifunctional FRP rebars and stirrups for a more sustainable construction sector. The partnership between ACCIONA and OASIS service providers consists in the implementation of composite rebars with an enhanced mechanical performance in traditional reinforced concrete elements. Thanks to the addition of nanoparticles enhanced performance at elevated temperatures is achieved keeping the specifications required  concerning the curing degree of the bars, fiber fraction, tensile strength, and elastic modulus… In parallel, the use of corrosion-resistant nano-enabled coating will improve the long-term properties of the reinforced concrete elements when exposed to aggressive environments. The Showcase’s workflow is shown in the image below:

You can read more about the results of this Showcase here – Showcase#1 App note.